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Friday, August 06, 2010

Sales Jobs in Phoenix On the Up

When the economy begins to amp up and the widespread public has more cash to pay out, retail hiring will begin to recuperate, creating other sales jobs in Phoenix (Click here).

Retail salespersons are frequently responsible for selling products, such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances or garment in a retail storefront. though these employees aren't compensated with tremendously high paychecks, they should notice plenty of employment opportunities throughout the state in the present future.

According to the Arizona Workforce Informer, the mean earnings for retail salespersons across Arizona during 2007 was $12.35 per hour, while the mean beginning-level compensation was $7.76 per hour and the experienced-grade wage was $14.65 per hour.

Employment throughout the state is expected to advance from 83,366 workers in 2006 to 105,933 workers by 2016, accounting for an intermediate of 4,824 employment openings per year and an average total growth rate of 27.1 percent.

Across the country, work of retail salespersons is anticipated to rise by 8 percent among 2008 and 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means in the region of 374,700 fresh jobs should crop up in the 10-year phase, which is higher than anticipated in just about every other job.

The top industries that employ retail salespersons in Arizona include:

  1. Department stores - 13.8 percent
  2. Building material and supplies dealers - 10.7 pct
  3. Apparel stores - 10.3 percent
  4. Motorcar dealers - 8.3 percentage
  5. Other regular trade stores - 6.1 pct
  6. Wellness and private maintenance stores - 5.1 percent
  7. Sporting goods and musical instrument stores - 4.6 pct
  8. Electronics and appliance stores - 4.4 pct
  9. Furniture stores - 3.6 percentage
  10. Residence furnishings stores - 2.4 percent
  11. Shoe stores - 2.2 percent
  12. Office supply, stationery and gift stores - 2.2 percent
  13. Jewellery, luggage and leather goods stores - 2 pct
  14. Book, periodical and musical stores - 1.6 pct
  15. Extra varied depot retailers - 1.6 percent

Check out this recruiting video for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries:

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