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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Denver Restaurant Jobs for Short Order Cooks

If you like cooking and working with people, a position as a short order cook may be a great Denver restaurant job. Visit to learn more.

Short order cooks work in a variety of establishments to prepare and cook food that only takes a short amount of preparation time. They also may take orders from customers and serve people sitting at counters and tables. Check out this restaurant job description.

Employment of short order cooks in the Denver area is expected to increase from 1,195 workers during 2009 to 1,394 workers by 2019, accounting for 199 additional jobs and an average annual growth rate of 1.6 percent.

There are generally no formal education requirements in order to become a short order cook, and while most employees learn what they need to know through on-the-job training, some employers prefer to hire applicants with a high school diploma or college degree. Companies also might ask that you undergo an employment background check.

According to the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, the top five industries that employed short order cooks in the Denver area during 2009 were:

  1. Food services and drinking places - 79.2 percent
  2. Food and beverage stores - 10 percent
  3. Accommodation - 1.7 percent
  4. Amusement, gambling and recreation industries - Confidential percentage
  5. Nursing and residential care facilities - Confidential percentage
During 2009, the average wage for short order cooks in the Denver area was $9.39 per hour or $19,540 per year, while the average entry-level wage was $7.55 per hour or $15,697 per hour and the average experienced-level wage was $11.71 per hour or $24,361 per year.

Some related occupations include: fast food cooks; combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food; cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop counter attendants; non-restaurant food servers; dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers; maids and housekeeping cleaners; ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers; and butchers and meat cutters.

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