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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Los Angeles Medical Jobs, Education Jobs, Information Jobs See Only Yearly Gains

Los Angeles medical jobs and education jobs were one of only two industries to increase over the year during March, falling behind the information industry, which grew by more than 8 percent.

The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale area's unemployment rate increased from 12.2 percent to 12.3 percent during March, following a decrease from 13.1 percent during February. That increase keeps the area's rate above the national average of 9.7 percent.

The Los Angeles area had a total non-farm employment of 3,780,500 workers during March, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is up from 3,770,600 workers during February, but a 2.9 percent decrease from last year.

Eight industries managed to see a monthly increase in employment during March, including: construction by 400 jobs; manufacturing by 1,200 jobs; financial activities by 400 jobs; professional and business services by 1,600 jobs; education and health services by 600 jobs; leisure and hospitality by 3,700 jobs; other services by 1,100 jobs; and government by 3,600 jobs.

Employment in the mining and logging industry remained even over the month with 3,900 jobs. However, only two industries managed to see a yearly increase in employment during March.

The information industry saw the biggest increase over the year. The industry employed 214,400 workers during March, down from 215,700 workers during February, but an 8.8 percent increase from March 2009.

The education and health services industry was the only other industry to increase over the year. The industry employed 525,800 workers during March, up from 525,200 workers during February and a 1.8 percent increase from last year.

Even though it added jobs on a monthly basis, the construction industry took the biggest hit over the year. The industry employed 100,400 workers during March, up from 100,000 workers during February, but an 18.4 percent decrease from March 2009.

Other industries that saw an over-the-year decrease in employment include:

  • Mining and logging by 9.3 percent
  • Manufacturing by 6.1 percent
  • Trade, transportation and utilities by 3.6 percent
  • Financial activities by 3.4 percent
  • Professional and business services by 4.2 percent
  • Leisure and hospitality by 1.8 percent
  • Other services by 3.4 percent
  • Government by 3.5 percent

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