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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recruitment Outsourcing Picking Up

The recruitment outsourcing (Click here) industry will most likely see a surge in activity this year, as already evidenced by one prominent company.

The RightThing, a leading recruitment process outsourcing company, recently announced that the company is ramping up its efforts. The company completed a successful first quarter with many client hiring expansions and seven new deals with leading companies.

"Aggressive recruitment is back," The RightThing CEO Terry Terhark said. "Coming off a major recession, RPO has proven to deliver through adversity and has created a compelling solution for many organizations. I'm optimistic that this will be a great year for us and we look forward to taking our existing clients to a new level while continuing to drive new business."

The company also has recently assisted in major sales expansions with five pharmaceutical companies hiring more than 500 positions during Q1 2010 in North America, South America and the United Kingdom.

In addition, The RightThing has partnered with seven new clients to handle call center expansions totaling more than 2,100 hires within three months. Those companies include the likes of Homesite, Sallie Mae, Nationwide, and CUNA Mutual.

Company-wise, The RightThing has implemented an on-demand recruiting team to provide a power boost for clients looking to increase their hiring efforts. The team will work exclusively with clients on a project basis to assist with recruiting and sourcing needs.

"Over the past 90 days, many clients and prospects have indicated a level of urgency that we have never experienced before," The RightThing President Jamie Miner said. "Understanding a strong talent pipeline is vital to their success, many organizations are looking for a solution that can be implemented quickly, offering a total talent solution without sacrificing quality. With the ability to address these critical pain points, 2010 could be a great year for RPO as a whole."

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