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Friday, February 26, 2010

Seattle Jobs Supported by Local Leaders

Seattle jobs are being supported by a multi-state effort along the Pacific Coast.

Gov. Chris Gregoire - along with leaders from California, Oregon and British Columbia - recently signed a series of joint actions that will help create jobs, strengthen the Pacific Coast economy, advance action on climate change and clean energy, and protect the marine environment.

The leaders met during the Leaders' Forum of the Pacific Coast Collaborative, which was established during 2008 by British Columbia's Premier and Pacific Coast Governors to forge a partnership for leadership, co-operative action and a common voice on issues affecting the Pacific Coast region.

"Those of us here today recognize the challenges of a changing climate and a changing economy," Gregoire said. "By acting together, we can show the world that it is possible, and necessary, to embrace solutions that address both."

The leaders signed two action plans, including the Action Plan on Innovation, the Environment and the Economy, and the Action Plan on Ocean Conservation and Coastal Climate Change Adaptation.

The first plan outlines a series of co-operative initiatives to promote renewable and low carbon energy and energy conservation, including developing Interstate 5 and Highway 99 as a green transportation corridor.

The plan also promotes development of high-speed rail from San Diego to Vancouver and the move to "Green Ports" through co-operation to reduce local air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

The second plan focuses on co-operation on invasive species, reductions in toxins and other pollutants, promoting sustainable fisheries management and research into impacts from climate change and adaptation options.

Leaders also released a "Vision 2030" paper to serve as a living document for the Pacific Coast Collaborative. The paper outlines a strategic vision for the future of Pacific North America and regional collaboration.

Finally, leaders unveiled a shared PCC Web site to facilitate regional sharing of information and best practices between governments and with citizens.

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