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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Personal Assistant Training in the Celebrity World

There are many opportunities when it comes to personal assistant training, but being a celebrity personal assistant is perhaps one of the more lucrative and popular choices.

Many of the tasks performed by a celebrity personal assistant are the same as those performed by any other personal assistant, therefore many of the steps you should take while preparing for your career are the same.

Here are 10 steps you can take to become a celebrity personal assistant, as compiled by

  1. Choose a type of celebrity - There are a variety of people who need to hire personal assistants, including: actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, directors, authors and motivational speakers. It helps to work for someone in a field that interests you, because you will have more to offer and be more appealing to your employer.
  2. Develop pertinent skills - You need to know a little bit abut everything, including how to use the Internet and technology, how to organize, proper etiquette, how to plan a party and how to purchase gifts.
  3. Take training - Although there are no formal education programs for celebrity personal assistants, you can take courses in related programs, such as computers, household management and event planning. There also are some companies that offer training courses.
  4. Gain experience - You can get a lot of experience by working as a regular personal assistant.
  5. Find a job opening - Use your networking skills to let everyone know you're searching for a job. You can often find potential opportunities by volunteering, working as a production assistant on a movie set or simply searching through job listings.
  6. Contact a celebrity - It's often hard to get in contact with a celebrity, but you can usually reach a publicist, agent or current personal assistant. You can ask these people if the celebrity they represent has any openings or if they know anyone who does.
  7. Avoid common mistakes - Having a script, or outline of what you want to say, during the networking process can help you sound like a professional and avoid disclosing too much information or sounding too eager. It will help you focus on what you have to offer.
  8. Join an agency - Once you find an agency that suits you, e-mail someone within the agency to ask how you can become a personal assistant for someone they represent.
  9. Ace the interview - The final decision usually comes down to whether or not your personality will match with the celebrity you would be assisting.
  10. Join professional organizations - There are some professional organizations that assist celebrity personal assistants with their careers. You can join one of these organizations after becoming an assistant.

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