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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jobs in San Antonio on the Decline

According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all other Texas markets, except for McAllen-Edinburg, suffered job losses year over year, including several thousand jobs in San Antonio.

Ninety-nine of the nation’s 100 biggest labor markets had fewer jobs in August 2009 than a year earlier, led by a loss of 230,000 jobs from the Los Angeles area.

Six markets, led by Los Angeles, lost at least 100,000 jobs during the 12-month span. The others were Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New York City and Phoenix. The biggest declines on a percentage basis occurred in the Detroit area, where 8.5 percent of the job base evaporated in a single year, and in Phoenix, with a drop of 7.9 percent.

The following are some of the biggest labor markets in America, ranked according to raw change in employment between August 2008 and August 2009. Each market’s percentage change is in parentheses:

McAllen-Edinburg, Texas, gain of 3,200 jobs (1.5%)
Jackson, Miss., loss of 1,200 jobs (-0.5%)
Baton Rouge, La., loss of 3,300 jobs (-0.9%)
El Paso, Texas, loss of 3,500 jobs (-1.3%)
Worcester, Mass., loss of 3,500 jobs (-1.4%)
Trenton, N.J., loss of 4,000 jobs (-1.7%)
Little Rock, Ark., loss of 4,600 jobs (-1.3%)
New Haven, Conn., loss of 4,900 jobs (-1.8%)
Columbia, S.C., loss of 5,100 jobs (-1.4%)
Huntsville, Ala., loss of 5,100 jobs (-2.4%)
Augusta, Ga., loss of 5,200 jobs (-2.4%)
Winston-Salem, N.C., loss of 5,900 jobs (-2.7%)
Des Moines, Iowa, loss of 6,100 jobs (-1.9%)
Madison, Wis., loss of 6,200 jobs (-1.8%)
Wichita, Kans., loss of 6,200 jobs (-2.1%)
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., loss of 6,400 jobs (-2.5%)
Syracuse, N.Y., loss of 6,500 jobs (-2.0%)
Omaha, loss of 6,800 jobs (-1.4%)
San Antonio, loss of 7,100 jobs (-0.8%)
Austin, loss of 7,200 jobs (-0.9%)
Bakersfield, Calif., loss of 7,300 jobs (-3.1%)
Chattanooga, Tenn., loss of 7,400 jobs (-3.0%)
Charleston, S.C., loss of 7,600 jobs (-2.5%)
New Orleans, loss of 7,700 jobs (-1.5%)
Tulsa, loss of 7,700 jobs (-1.8%)
Greenville, S.C., loss of 7,900 jobs (-2.5%)
Spokane, Wash., loss of 8,000 jobs (-3.7%)
Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, Pa., loss of 8,700 jobs (-3.3%)

San Antonio lost 7,100 jobs, a decline of .8% from the previous year.

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