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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Criminal Background Check Give Aways

One criminal background check company recently announced its plan to give away millions of dollars in free background checks.

IntegraScan, one of the largest online background check companies, will give away $7.5 million in free background checks to nonprofits and youth organizations during 2010. The downturn in the economy has left many organizations unable to afford in-depth background checks.

In July, the company kicked off what has been called the Kids Safe Program, which offered $500,000 per month in free background checks to youth organizations throughout the country. Thanks to the success of the program, IntegraScan has given away background checks to almost 1,000 organizations.

Fortunately, the company has reported the free background checks have been responsible for catching several sex offenders and child abusers, as well as numerous drug, alcohol and violence related charges.

The background check program is available to any nonprofit or youth organization within the country. There are no additional requirements or speculations and organizations are encouraged to apply for the grants as soon as possible.

The company also is asking parents and volunteers to speak with their organizations leaders, not only in order to let them know about the new innovative program, but also to alert them to the overall importance of background checks.

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