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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visual Job Ads On

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many cities throughout this nation where the only regularly occurring employment growth is in the healthcare industry. While others are struggling to find work, professionals in this sector continue to have options. For many in healthcare, the big question is which job search site to use.

A new Web site,, hopes to answer this question. Launched on the 13th of this month, the creators of this site put almost a year into its preparation, research, design, development, programming and testing.

Since many studies have found that the average Internet user is more drawn to visual images than they are words by themselves, has decided to market job listings as graphic ads. According to a recent press release, the company believes this benefits employers in two different ways. Not only are they able to advertise their available jobs, but they also have the chance to make their personal brand visible.

These highly visible ads make searching for a healthcare job easier. More information is available in a format that is easily processed by the human eyes, which means that the days of having to squint at small print on a computer screen are over.

"Our search function is the most important piece of the puzzle and we wanted to be different, not like every other job board out there, so we made sure that Branded, Creative, Display ads populate from the 1st search and it's all right there initially so employers have a chance to stand out, right out of the box. Employers and candidates will notice a difference right away from the very 1st search," said Ron Feldstein, founder and president of, in the recent press release. "We strived to create a unique, truly functional website and I we've done it."

Feldstein went on to say that with so many job boards competing online, it is important for a newcomer to find their niche and remain unique.

"To my knowledge there are no websites out there providing this kind of display ad search capability, and this level of customer service/design services. We are creating each ad individually for every client, which involves copywriting, design, and coordination. Sure it's a lot of work, but our clients and employers have already seen the difference in our approach and they appreciate the effort," said Feldstein.

Although the company has a creative team in place to handle designing ads, employers are able to provide their own cream ready advertisements.

In order to drum up interest in the Web site, HealthcareJobsOnDisplay will give the 1st, 100th, 250th, 500th, 1100th, 1250th, 1500th, 21ooth, 2250th and 2500th job seekers who upload their resumes a $50 gift card. The 1000th, 2000th and 3000th resumes posted will receive a $100 gift card.

Currently, HealthcareJobsOnDispaly handles only employment advertisements for positions located on the East Coast.


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