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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newton Inc., the future of recruiting software

Newton, Inc. is a new recruiting software company based in San Francisco, CA. This new program, called Newton, is a simple, web-based recruiting software and applicant management system. Newton is meant to organize and simplify programs, thus, creating a stress free way for everyone to become involved in hiring. It is good to get several people in a company involved in the hiring process because it ensures the right person is chosen on all levels.

According to Talent Managment Tech about what sets Newton apart from other software, "While many recruiting software vendors continue to tout features that aim to attract more candidates, Newton is designed to solve the bigger problem associated with streamlining the recruiting process: improving the communication and collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers."

Co-founder of Newton, Inc., Joel Passen, says that the company is coming from a completely different angle. "
Hiring lives and dies in two key areas: one, getting hiring managers engaged in the recruiting process; and two, empowering recruiters to collaborate with those managers and increase their accuracy."

The software has been available for 5 years, which allowed the company to change any issues. This helped make Newton be completely user friendly. It is now the first Rich Internet Application for recruiting.

An estimated
250,000 small and mid-sized companies are the aim of Newton, Inc. Pricing for the software varies according to the number of administrative and staffing users. An estimated annual subscription could cost under $2000.

Companies using Newton will be pleased with some of the extra care provided, such as expert support to help companies set up the system, import existing resumes and create a custom careers site.

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