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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Merger benefits Atlanta economy and jobs

Merger between Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines has just created 500 Atlanta jobs. Atlanta, the company's location, will be welcoming additional new employees from Northwest's Minneapolis headquarters.

Delta plans to hire “MBA-types” in 60 positions including finance, economics, math and operations research to work in pricing. Northwest's pricing operation will be moving to the city.

Other positions to move to Atlanta, from Minneapolis, are flight dispatchers and other staff. The airline is expanding its operations control center.

This merger is going to help the economy as well. With all the employees moving, the housing market will benefit.

“These are all people that are going to be down here buying houses,” said Delta chief executive Richard Anderson.

Currently the airline has about 25,000 employees in Georgia, with most of them in Atlanta. Prior to finalizing the merger, Delta was at risk of loosing 1,000 jobs.

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