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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Australian Law Jobs

The Western Australian job market is now becoming more favorable for lawyers who practice litigation involving energy and resources.

A recent survey conducted by top legal recruitment firm The Australian found that this area of law is expected to have one of the highest level of demands for new talent.

Seven recruiters were polled and all agreed that those practicing energy and resources law will have an increasingly easy time find a job in Western Australia. The need for these professionals is now considered urgent due in part to the thriving mining industry in Perth and Brisbane.

Another thing that all of the recruiters involved in the survey agreed upon is that the legal recruitment market will continue to thrive for the rest of this year.

Greg Plummer, office manager of Dolman Melbourne, says that “Over the next six months, Australian firms are expected to continue their search for strong Australian and international lawyers in all states and across most practice focuses, particularly for lawyers with at least two years of sold experience.”

Because of the level of need, this is a great time for those lawyers who desire to find new employment to begin their job search. Lawyers with experience in energy and resources will have the easiest time finding a new office to work for.

Cam Thomson, the associate director of Naiman Clarke, says that the need for these individuals is so great that they are “more valuable than the resources themselves--and there’s no end in sight.”

The city of Perth has the greatest need for energy and resources lawyers. Recruiters have found that the current job market cannot seem to supply enough experienced professionals to meet the demand. According to Stuart Ablethorpe, leader of Hudson Legal practice, law firms are becoming increasingly competitive in their efforts to attract the best talent available.

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