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Friday, April 03, 2009

ATS Company Improves Software

One ATS company is working to improve its software.

myStaffingPro, one of the leading applicant tracking systems, is increasing its software with the Offer Approval module. The new module enables human resources professionasl to request and receive hiring manager feedback on an applicant offer without logging into myStaffingPro.

The offering includes a configurable feedback request process, a stand-alone hiring manager portal and ongoing progress notifications.

Recruiters can configure the offer request by selecting the desired hiring manager, response due date and applicant attachment. Communication options enable hiring managers to receive and review the request through email, PDA or a web-enabled cell phone.

The response request features the applicant’s information, requisition information, response deadline and a link to the hiring manager interface. The easy-to-use interface enables hiring mangers to review the applicant offer information and immediately submit feedback without logging into myStaffingPro.

The new interface removes the training barrier that typically prevents hiring managers from using applicant tracking.

The hiring manager feedback is immediately tied to the applicant file and is accessible in myStaffingPro. Meanwhile, the requester is sent continual updates on the progress of their request. The result is a streamlined feedback process that improves response rates and requires no training.

"Our pre-release testing partners have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this cutting-edge HR technology," Jennifer Brogee, product development manager, said in a press release .

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