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Thursday, March 12, 2009

See what Cheezhead can do for you

With all the different recruiting sites on the web, everyone needs help in the job search. Cheezhead, a notable recruiting blog, formed a group of sites to write about jobs and changes in the market around the country, while linking to job finding sites.

On the job search page, Cheezhead not only posts available jobs in different fields, upcoming career fairs in the areas are as well. If the site can't help a job seeker find a job, they provide other opportunities for job fulfillment.

For example, when searching a marketing job in Cleveland, one is given a listing of related positions in field. These range from sales and advertising to management.

Numerous listings are linked to the TopUSAJobs site. In addition to the job description, related job postions are linked to. It is helpful to take advantage of these sites, when looking for a new job.

Check out the Cheezhead job page and see what it can do for you.

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