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Friday, March 06, 2009

Online Recruiting

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, unemployment has hit an historic 8.1% in February. With jobs decreasing, online recruitment is as well.

The Monster Employment Index is down 26% from last year. With the increase in unemployment, companies aren't posting jobs because they don't have the funds to fill positions.

March isn't looking up either. According to a press release, LINE, Leading Indicators of National Employment Report, estimates this month is facing a 51.4 percent drop in manufacture hiring and a 17.9 percent drop in service hiring. This is the biggest decrease in the survey's four year history.

Companies are aren't aiding in the job seeking and the hiring process. "Fewer HR professionals are recruiting during the economic downturn and, with an increased number of people looking for work, HR representatives and recruiters can afford to be selective and are having few issues with finding top-level talent," said Jennifer Schramm, manager of workplace trends and forecasting at Society for Human Resource Management.

However, with the failing economy and the rising unemployment it is important to keep checking these websites because its impossible to know when a good job is posted.

It is hopeful that recruiting sites' postings will increase in the coming months. There are 3.5 millions jobs resulting from the Stimulus Plan. Positions will become available.

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