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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boston teachers may be in trouble

Teachers looking for a Boston job may need to reconsider. Currently, teachers' union are having problems with Mayor Tom Menino. In order to save money, the mayor is requesting that teachers agree to keeping their wages the same.

“Without a wage freeze, these people will be eliminated. It’s as simple as that,” Menino said. If the union gives up their their right to a salary increase it could save Boston $18.8 million.

Menino is threatening to layoff 212 teachers and assistants if they don't agree to freeze their wages.

According to the Boston Herald, hundreds of city employees, including teachers, could be affected if they don't agree to the freeze. The city is $131 million in debt.

In addition to the freeze, the Boston Globe reports that the Boston School Committee authorized a $812 million budget for next year. This could result in layoffs in more than 500 positions, including teachers. This is a 2.5 percent decrease from this year's spending. Not only is the city laying off staff, but six schools will be closing.

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