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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Virginia Governor Announces New Jobs

Virginia jobs are on the rise. Virginia's Governor, Tim Kaine, has been busy bringing new businesses to the state to create new jobs. Since the beginning of 2009 major companies have chosen to move to Virginia

Recently, he announced LASCO Bathware, Inc. will be
expanding to Halifax County. The company is to invest $1.7 million in the project. This will create 50 new jobs and save 280. The company is the largest bath fixture manufacturer in the U.S.

Governor Kaine has expressed that the expansion will greatly benefit the area. "The average annual salary of these jobs will be above the prevailing wage for the region. The continuing success of this existing industry will have significant impact on the future economy of Halifax County."

LASCO isn't the only million dollar business growing in Virginia.
Hilton Hotels Corporation has announced that they will be relocating their headquarters to Fairfax County, which was originally based in Beverly Hills, CA. The global hotel chain will invest about $17 million from this move. Hitlon Hotels will create 300 plus jobs.

Christopher J. Nassetta, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Hotels Corporation is confident in the choice to move to Virginia. “Virginia offers a more central location from which to operate a global organization and will ease coordination across our business, help us to better execute on strategic opportunities and allow us to significantly reduce our costs. The cost and quality of living in the area are also tremendously appealing."

King George County will be the new home to Harris Teeter, Inc. the company will invest $101 million to open a food distribution operation. This will create 335 jobs in the area.

Virginia has seized great opportunities by bringing these multimillion dollar companies to the area.

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