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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pennsylvania Jobs

With the stimulus package paying much attention to Pennsylvania, jobs will be coming to the state. The package is set to give $22.91 billion with 43,000 new jobs.

The Pittsburg Business Journal gives a light of hope with specific uses for the money and jobs. “Pennsylvania is slated to receive close to $4 billion for Medicaid, $1.3 billion for roads and bridges, between $400 million and $410 million for public transit and about 5 percent of the funding allocated for education nationwide, Gov. Ed Rendell has said.”

That is not all for Pennsylvania. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that the state will get $2 billion in state stabilization funds. The unemployed are being taken care of as well, with an additional $100 per month in insurance benefits.

Aside from jobs created from the stimulus package, in Altoona, the region is going to gain 481 new jobs with the opening of NEW Customer Service Companies, Inc. The call center is set to open in the spring, helping retail customers. The company said it chose the area "because of the well-educated workforce and outstanding support provided by local leadership."

Governor Edward Rendell was proud to announce the coming of NEW. “"At a time when too many companies are laying off too many employees, it's extremely good news that a company, like NEW has chosen Pennsylvania to grow its business and to give hundreds of the region's hardworking men and women the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families”.

Governor Rendell has brought over 100,000 new jobs to Pennsylvania since his start in 2003.

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