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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Jobs On the Way in Maryland

The new year could bring the hope for new jobs in Maryland. The state is attempting to deliver new businesses to the area.

Like every city and state around the country, Maryland is no stranger to struggling times.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the past 5 years, the unemployment rate has increased from 4.5 (December 2003) to around 5.8 (December 2008).

The Baltimore Business Journal reports that Adventist HealthCare filed for building approval on February 9th. The build site is Clarksburg, in the ever growing Montgomery county. The facility would include
include "a 100-bed hospital, a skilled nursing-care center, medical offices, outpatient treatment facilities, a day care center and other related uses". If approved, this could create hundreds of jobs for the area's struggling citizens. However, it is estimated that the building process could take four to five years.

The Baltimore area could get a boost as well. BMW is considering opening a regional distribution center in the city. The port already is the leading automobile export in the country. The car company could ship about 70,000 cars out of the port in the coming years.

It's estimated that, in 2007, the car company shipped almost 300,000 cars overseas. The facility, which is seeking 40 acres, would be located near the
Dundalk Marine Terminal. An official request is anticipated in March to estimate costs of opening the new port. This is a great opportunity to boost the Maryland economy.

Change will take time, but if these big plans go through the Maryland unemployment rate could decrease.

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