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Monday, February 02, 2009

Education Jobs in Nevada on the Rise

A career in education hasn't been the best choice around the country in recent years, but teachers searching for a job in the Las Vegas area may not have as much to fear, as education jobs in Nevada are on the rise.

In states like Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey, these positions are sadly nonexistent. The solution for struggling, aggravated and potential teachers in these areas? Move.

In Nevada, teaching positions have been on the rise. According to an article by, "Employment in the public education sector, which includes elementary and secondary school districts, as well as higher education systems, increased by 35.2 percent in Nevada over the five-year period between 2002 and 2007."

In 2007, the AFT, American Federation of Teachers, announced that Nevada teaching salaries were on the rise, ranking 19th.

"The average teacher salary in Nevada for the 2006-07 school year was $49,426 - a 7.2 percent increase from the previous year," the AFT notes. "Nevada was ranked 18th in the nation for beginning salaries, at $35,480, an increase of 2.6 percent from 2005-06." This is good news and a change compared to teaching jobs in Ohio.

Surfing the Internet can help you come up with numerous Nevada job options. One beneficial and direct link to available jobs are the cities' or state's Web sites. helps in searching for jobs specifically in that area. looks throughout the state. There is the option to narrow the search results to areas of the state (rural, northern and southern), or specific Las Vegas area communities, such as jobs in Reno. allows the user to select the state, city and a list any positions in the education field.

Another great site to use, for anyone looking for a teaching job is Here a user can create a MyEAN account, which allows free job searches; upload 3 resumes with cover letters, transcripts, and certification information, as well as apply online and receive job e-mails. If visiting other Web sites takes you to a dead end, this one is a great start.

Searching for a warmer job, whether the reason is climate- or financially-related, then heading to Nevada is your answer.