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Monday, January 05, 2009

Top 10 Pet Jobs

There are many unique employment opportunities available for those who want a pet job.

Maybe you always had pets growing up, or maybe it's a new-found passion, but whatever your reason for working with pets, there are many benefits to such a job. Many of the best jobs with pets allow you to work directly with animals while at the same time maintain a unique and important career. recently released a list of the Top 10 Coolest Jobs with Pets. The jobs include:

  • Pet photographer. This profession allows you to offer both private sessions for pet owners and photo shoots for books, magazines and Web sites. Pet photographers often enjoy their work because they get paid to capture the energy and spirit of animal models. Those hoping to step into such a career can test their skills by taking pet photos to decorate your home or make holiday cards.
  • Pet fashion designer. Pet accessory options now not only include collars and leashes, but shirts, sweaters and coats, to name a few. New York hosts a Pet Fashion Week for dogs and cats. To practice for this profession, try making clothes for your own pets.
  • Animal-actor trainer. Trainers work with animals who appear on television, movies and in commercials. Trainers are responsible for teaching animals basic obedience skills and various tricks. You can practice for this career by attending a beginner-training workshop with your own pets.
  • Pet treat chef. There are now a variety of pet bakeries throughout the country, which create dog- and cat-friendly cookies, bagels and birthday cakes, among other food items. Many bakeries offer organic, kosher and human-quality ingredients. You can practice for this job by creating unique treats for your own animals.
  • Pet writer. Pet journalists often write medical, behavioral and lifestyle articles for pet magazines and Web sites, as well as fictional and non-fiction books and stories. If you often write about pets, try selling your story to a magazine or Web site or simply share it with friends.
  • Veterinarian. Animal doctors spend all their time taking care of animals as surgeons, pathologists or holistic veterinarians. To become a veterinarian you must complete a lot of schooling and undertake years of practice.
  • Assistance dog trainer. These workers teach unique skills to dogs meant to assist disabled people, including the blind, deaf and those with mobility or seizure problems. To become an assistance dog trainer, you usually must complete a special training program.
  • Animal care and control officer. These professionals often work for the government and respond to animal-related problems from taking care of strays to animal abuse investigations. Animal care and control officers also are responsible for teaching proper animal care to the public and rescuing animals from dangerous situations. Special government classes are usually required to obtain this position.
  • Pet shop owner. Anyone in this job gets to be their own boss, sell products for pets and sometimes pets themselves. To help prepare for this position, read some books or take courses on starting your own business.
  • Animal welfare lawyer. These people improve animal protection laws and ensure they're being enforced correctly. It is the lawyers job to defend the interests of animals and protect them while using the legal system. Animal lawyers also can deal with cruelty cases, veterinary malpractice and animal custody cases. To become an animal welfare lawyer, you should look into taking specialty classes, now offered in 89 law schools throughout the country.

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