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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Company Brings Applicant Tracking to Chinese Employers

According to a recent press release, HRsmart, an applicant tracking systems and recruiting software provider, has partnered with Oxus to launch its talent management solutions in China.

HRsmart announced its decision to work with the Beijing-based Oxus on November 25th. Through this partnership, Oxus will be able to give its clients the newest advancements in e-recruitment and a full suite of talent management solutions that will be new to many companies in China. The services include applicant tracking, online recruitment, performance management, learning management, career development, succession planning, employee referral and job distribution.

“Oxus’ strong presence in China, coupled with their reputation for pioneering a holistic labor supply chain in the Chinese market, made them a strong partner for HRsmart,” HRsmart’s Chief Technology Officer and President of International Operations Pablo Fonolla. “Accessing the China market is a primary goal and future growth strategy for HRsmart as we continue to expand our global footprint.”

Currently, Oxus aides Chinese businesses by allowing them to attract new talent through the creation of branded employment offerings. In addition to this, they market their clients through search engines, social media and career portals. Companies that use Oxus include McDonald’s, Microsoft, Intel and Caterpillar.

“China requires human resource development, and Oxus has recognized the need in the Chinese market for a robust, end-to-end, talent management solution that spans both talent acquisition and talent retention,” said Mark Baldwin, who is the Chief Executive Officer for Oxus. “After extensive worldwide research was conducted on a suitable partner, Oxus is proud to be working HRsmart, a world leader in talent management technology.”

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