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Monday, October 13, 2008

New York Jobs Still Available For Executives

Despite the financial crisis and other economic problems, New York jobs for executive level talent are still growing. According to’s Quarterly Executive Job market Trends Report for Q308, the major metro areas that are experiencing the most growth for jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year are San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Boston, Seattle, Houston and New York.

The report monitors the hiring patterns in 20 major cities that the largest increase in high paid New York jobs and executive positions elsewhere were in technology, healthcare and the industrial sector.

"There are segments of the job market that are clearly strained right now, but it's critical for job seekers out there to realize that even in this market -- with headlines about the government bailout and corporate layoffs -- people are being hired for their dream jobs every day," said president and CEO of Marc Cenedella.

The company found that in San Francisco there are 2 job seekers for every $100,000+ job posted online. In both San Diego and Washington, D.C. there were 3 individuals looking for employment for every vacant position on the web. Boston, Houston, New York and Seattle had 4 job seekers for every 1 job listed on the Internet.

The areas that are attracting the largest number of individuals looking for highly paid jobs are New York, San Francisco and Boston. also asked those who use the site to help find work a variety of questions in order to determine how those who are used to making $100,000 or more a year feel about the job market. Over half, 58 percent, reported that they expect to have a new job within the next six months, if not sooner. Not all feel so optimistic though, as 55 percent of participants reported feeling a general lack of stability.

Many are considering leaving their area in hopes of finding new jobs. Approximately 63 percent said that they are willing to relocate for work, while 46 percent said that they are already trying to find a new position outside of their own cities.

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