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Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Jersey Jobs in Bioscience Remain Strong

The outlook for New Jersey jobs in bioscience remains positive. Currently, the state is one of the top five areas for biotechnology in the world. Over the last ten years, the number of employers who specialize in this sort of work have almost tripled.

At this time, more than 10 percent of the country's employment in drugs and pharmaceuticals is in New Jersey. In addition to this, the state also has over 5 percent of all of the nation’s research, testing and medical laboratories, medical devices and equipment subsectors.

The state continues to benefits from the presence of the numerous high paying jobs associated with bioscience. Because of the strength of this area of employment, a large portion of New Jersey's workforce is considered more educated than is the national average.

As far as venture capital invested and patents issued during the course of the last six years goes, the state is fourth in the country. Altogether, $2.78 billion in venture capital was invested in New Jersey by bioscience employers who are attracted to the area, at least in part, by the high presence of skilled employees.

At a recent conference discussing the industry and furthering it's influence in the state, Debbie Hart, president of BioNJ said that, "[W]henever we can foster good, high-paying jobs, stimulate research opportunities within our academic institutions and be a part of the solution for addressing the health concerns for our citizens --I know we are doing our job. Working together -- we all can win."

While many other industries are downscaling the number of jobs they provide, bioscience employment remains relatively steady.

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