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Friday, October 31, 2008

Job Seekers Like Obama

For many American’s this election year, who they plan to vote for doesn’t come down to issues about the war in Iraq. Instead, a good portion are focusing on job concerns and the economy, trying to decide which candidate will best serve their wallets.

According to a recent poll conducted by niche career communities network, Inc., found that 53 percent of those who are looking for a new job plan to vote for Senator Barack Obama.

"Job seekers have a lot at stake with the upcoming election, and are taking a stance on which Presidential candidate would be the best leader for America," says Rich Milgram, who is the CEO of "There is no question in anyone's mind that change is what our country needs to pull through this economic recession, which is why the majority of job seekers are voting for Obama in the hopes that it will help improve the economy and get them back to work as soon as possible."

Unlike many polls, the survey conducted by doesn’t have the candidates running neck-to-neck. Of those currently in the middle of a job search, only 33 percent said that were planning on voting for Senator John McCain.

Another 8 percent said they are currently undecided. This means that, even if McCain manages to sway all of the unresolved voters, he will still not come out ahead with the portion of the population that does not currently have a job. In an economic situation where unemployment is up, this can make a significant difference in an election. Only 6 percent reported that they did not plan on voting at all. asked more than 38,000 professionals who are currently looking for a job to reach these results. In a poll released earlier this year, the career site reported that 86 percent of participants believed that both the results of this election will improve both the economy and job market.

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