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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Healthcare Sales Jobs

Many industries throughout the country are suffering, such as finance, construction and manufacturing. Because of this, employers are laying off workers in order to keep their profits intact. One sector that seems to be immune to these issues is the healthcare industry. This sector has many employment opportunities that often over look, such as healthcare sales jobs.

Often called medical sales representatives, or reps, individuals with this healthcare job work on the behalf of pharmaceutical companies to sell much needed equipment or medicine to professionals in the field. They are responsible for getting the products of the company that they work for out to the people who need them most.

Medical sales representatives usually have a general geographical location that they sell with in. They also usually specialize in on particular product or in a specific medical area. As part of this, they often make presentations or organize events for healthcare professionals so that they can learn more about the products they offer.

Because of the amount of time these individuals spend face-to-face with doctors and nurses, it is important that they have good interpersonal skills. Being a good public speaker also comes in very handy, as a working knowledge of medical concepts.

In order to be successful in this field, an individual would need to be good at managing time, making their own schedule and, for some, budgeting the money used to fund a conference. Other responsibilities include keeping up to date with changes in the industry, developing sales strategies and creating and maintaining working relationships with medical professionals.

According to's Salary Wizard, the median salary in this field is $59,730, but some make more than $200,000 a year. Their pay is often accompanied by large bonuses. Aside from normal benefits, individuals with healthcare sales jobs often get expense accounts, company vehicles, and a variety of other incentives.

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RecruitingFly Guy said...

I think healthcare sales jobs will be aplenty in the coming years. More people should look to transfer their sales skills to this industry.