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Monday, October 20, 2008

Background Check Assistance Added to Software

HireRight, Inc. recently announced that it has successfully integrated its background check and drug screening capabilities with Taleo Business Edition Recruit. This will allow users of Taleo's program the ability to manage their background check and drug screening programs through a single, integrated interface and sign-on.

"As the provider of the original and most utilized pre-integrated screening solution for Taleo, we are excited about bringing the screening functionality and user experience that has been so popular with large employers to the small and medium-sized businesses taking advantage of Taleo Business Edition Recruit," said Rob Pickell, who is the president of marketing and product management at HireRight.

HireRight's addition to Taleo's prodcut includes an ordering feature that enables users to order a quality background check or drug test from their computer. The results are then made available on the program as soon as the test and check have been completed. By doing this, HireRight eliminated the necessity of entering data more than once, which significantly reduces the possibility of errors.

"Our small and midsize customers are accustomed to a high level of efficiency, intuitiveness and ease-of-use," said Jason Blessing, who is the group vice president and general manager of Taleo Business Edition's full line of products. "The HireRight pre-integrated solution supports our users' expectations for ease of use and gives them robust capabilities for managing an efficient and effective employment screening program from a single user interface."

This edition of Taleoss HR software is used predominately by small and mid-sized employers. HireRight's easily used interface helps to save time during the process of background checks. Many of these businesses do not employ an individual who handles only investigations into applicants past, so it is important that they be able to maximize the time spent on this responsibility.

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