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Monday, September 08, 2008

Recruiting Software Provider Nominated for Award

Softscape, a recruiting software and applicant tracking provider, recently announced that it has been nominated for this year's Best Enterprise HR Software by the UK Software Satisfaction Awards. Instead of basing the winner on the decisions of a judge’s panel, the Software Satisfaction Awards are awarded based on the views of actual buyers and end-users of the business software applicants that have been nominated.

Since this award is rewarded in such away, many companies in the market to purchase HR software use the results to help reach their decision on which program will be most beneficial to their company.

"We are very pleased to be nominated for this prestigious award, and especially coming from the actual end users of our software," said David Watkins, Softscape's CEO. "This is further testimony to our unmatched focus on our customers' achievement. Softscape maintains some of the industry's highest customer satisfaction and retention rates (98%). We remain the vendor of choice because we offer customers the most comprehensive product offering, more flexibility and choices to support their long-term strategy, deep domain expertise, and superior service delivery."

Softscape focuses on providing their users with integrated human capital management (HCM) software. This enables the companies that have invested in their programs to mange their employees in a more effective manner, which in turn makes business run more smoothly.
Those in the running for the various Software Satisfaction Awards will find out whether or not they won on Thursday, October 30th, when the winners will be announced. The event is scheduled to take place in London at The Brewery.

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