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Friday, September 19, 2008

Illinois Jobs Decreased in August

The number of Illinois jobs decreased in August, while the number of jobseekers continued to grow. This caused the state's unemployment rate to once again rise, although only slightly. The percentage of Illinois population that was unable to find work increased slightly, going from 7.2 percent in July to 7.3 percent, according to the state's Department of Employment Security.

During the same period of time, the national unemployment rate also increased, rising to 6.1 percent. This shows that, for the most part, it is easier to find a job else where in the country than it is in Illinois.

In August, IDES statistics show that there were 5,976,100 people on the payrolls of Illinois employers. This figure is down by 3,500 jobs since July, which makes last month the third month in a row that Illinois companies have reduced the number of people they employee. This is the first time in state in over five years that there has been this many months of consecutive employment losses.

In order to simply keep job statistics steady, Illinois employers must generate several thousands new jobs a month. The reason for this is that there are this many new workers entering the job force at one time. Unless a large number of new employment opportunities are created with in the near future, September will see another rise in the jobless rate.

As of a year ago, only 5.2 percent of residents of Illinois were unable to find work. Although this figure was still over the national unemployment average of 4.7 percent, it was certainly not as drastic as the statistics are showing this year. Over the 12 months, Illinois unemployment has climbed 2.1 percent, while the country as a whole has increased by 1.4 percent.

The industry that has taken the hardest hit in Illinois is the trade and transportation sector. In August this area of employment lost 3,300 jobs and lost 2,000 positions in July. Despite this, the industry remains the largest employer in the state, employing 1,216,200 individuals altogether.

Going against the national trend, Illinois construction industry actually added 900 jobs. Nevertheless, this sector has lost approximately 7,900 jobs during the last twelve months. Around 261,900 Illinois residents are employed by the industry at this time.

Education and health services also increased the number of jobs it provided by 500 positions in August. This means that the industry has seen a significantly increase in the last 12 months, rising by 10,600 jobs to employ 791,100 individuals in the state.

Other sectors that decreased the number of jobs provided included Manufacturing, which lost 700 jobs, and government jobs which lost 1,000 positions.

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