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Sunday, September 21, 2008

HR Software Helps Companies Go Green

In recent years, environmental consciousness has been on the rise. Many employers have found that going green helps their image and attracts employees who are concerned with social issues, particularly those from the generation Y.

There are many ways that an office place can make changes that help the environment. One way to do this is to invest in HR software. According to Richard Thomas, who is the director of product strategy and marketing at HR software provider Midland HR, these programs help lower the amount of ink and paper used by a business. This in turn helps to save the company money that would be spent on such items.

Since resumes are usually sent on paper or printed off the computer when e-mailed to a company, having HR software gives the employer a place to store such information. Keeping resumes in an online database not only cuts down on the use of paper, it also makes it easier for a hiring manger to locate these documents. Assessment tests that are given to make sure an applicant is qualified can also be set up on the computer, which eliminates the need for the paper they would be printed on and the ink used to write them.

Thomas also went on to say that HR software enables an employer to send on payslips via e-mail to employees. Since this information would usually be printed out weekly or bi-monthly for every individual employed by a company, this can make a huge difference in an inventory budget and to the environment.

He went on to say that other things that can be switched to electronic formats through the use of HR software include absence monitoring, vacation request, company expense reports and employee timesheets. Aside from helping the environment and helping to save a company money, storing this information on a compute can also make it easier for human resource managers to locate.

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