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Monday, September 08, 2008

Connecticut Jobs Lost

According to the state Labor Department, 1,000 Connecticut jobs were lost in July. During the same time period the state’s unemployment rate increased to 5.8 percent from 5.5 percent, which is just barely over the national average of 5.7 percent.

Overall there were 1.7 million Connecticut jobs in July of this year. Despite the decrease experienced between June and July, the state still had 5,600 more jobs than it did last year.

John Tirinzonie, State Labor Economist, a good deal of the jobs lost in July can be attributed to the fact that current economic situations are making employers very cautious about hiring both temporary and seasonal workers. Since mass layoffs have been occurring throughout the country, many businesses have decided to hire fewer individuals rather than investing the money in new employees who will have to be let go before their training is paid off if conditions worsen.

Tirinzonie went on to say that it is unclear at this time if these jobs lost in July are part of a short-term setback in Connecticut employment or if the state is about to take a drastic hit as a result of the troubled national economy.

One area of the state that is already suffering is Connecticut’s capital, Hartford. Among the poorest large cities in country, Hartford currently has an unemployment rate of 11.4 percent. Those struggling to find employment in this area should consider looking outside of the city, where chances of finding a job are much higher. Although commuting may be costly, due to rising gas prices, this may be the best option for some.

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