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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chicago Jobs for Workers Over 50

Ageism, the prejudice against older members of the population, exists in many workplaces. From time to time, older employees find themselves pushed out or forced into early retirement for one reason or another, despite the fact that they are completely capable of fulfilling their responsibilities to the company. According to AARP, Chicago jobs exist that are extremely friendly to workers over 50 years old.

AARP recently announced the top 50 best employers for workers over 50 to work for in the nation and found that two are in Chicago. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), which is headquartered in the city, and New Horizons were found to have a great environment for older employees. Also making the list in Illinois was Centegra Health System, which is in Crystal Lake, and Hanson Professional Services of Springfield.

"Employers across the country are increasingly recognizing the importance of innovative practices as they seek to recruit and retain experienced workers," said AARP"s Illinois State Director Bob Gallo. "AARP is honored to award these four Illinois companies for being ahead of the curve."

The corporation chose to award these honors based on a number of criteria that showed concern for the needs of mature workers. According to a recent press release, these included; workplace accommodations, alternative work options (for example: flexible scheduling, job sharing and phased retirement), employee health and pension benefits and retiree work opportunities.
BCBSA was chosen in part to its Mature Worker Program which has a variety of benefits for employees who are over the age of 55.

"AARP's recognition underscores Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association's commitment to enhancing the lives of our members and employees -- of all ages," said BCBSA president and CEO Scott P. Serota. "We are proud to have a strong professional workforce of employees and are pleased to reward their dedication with competitive benefits, pay and human resources initiatives."

New Horizons was recognized for the training and wellness programs they provide for its employees who are over 50.

AARP will honor the winners at a dinner in Chicago that is scheduled to take place on October 7th.

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