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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Industries for Entry Level Jobs, a part of Monster Inc. that deals with internships and entry level jobs, recently released a report announcing the top five industries for recent graduates. The results for this are based on the number of jobs posted by employers on the job search website.

According to the report, there has been a major shift in entry level job postings showing that medical and educational employers are now looking for more recent graduates than ever before.'s vice president and general manger commented on this, saying "[A]s the medical and educational sectors continue to add jobs, as well as expand online recruitment efforts, we expect their need for qualified applicants to outpace other white-collar industries that previously dominated year-over-year growth such as the slowing financial and business sectors."

"Because the majority of industries, regardless of the sector, will continue to face a shortage of talent generationally, many employers are looking to attract entry-level candidates by offering long-term growth potential and other perks." He went on to say that "[T]his remains good news for students who are undecided about a degree path, as well as recent graduates and young professionals still looking for their first opportunity."

Sales and business development came is as the top industry for employing recent graduates. This sector made up for a quarter of all the jobs posted for entry-level workers on Positions under this category include jobs in account management, real estate, advertising and field sales.

Secondly was accounting and finance, which made up for nearly 15 percent of the job announcements on the website. Despite the current issues with mortgage and loan providers, there were still a good number of entry-level job postings for accounting positions, financial analysis, consulting and administration positions.

Third on the list was training and instruction. All together these education-related jobs increased 90 percent since last year.

Information technology and software development came next. Popular entry-level jobs in this sector included web and software design, consulting, online security systems, computer maintenance and help desk support.

Finishing off the list was the medical and healthcare industry, which had the highest growth over the last year, showing an increase by approximately 200 percent. Employers looking for newly graduated nurses, dental practitioners, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapist and general practice physicians posted the most new jobs.

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