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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Background Checks on Contractors Made Possible by Website

Background checks have been proven to protect workplaces from a variety of problems including negligent hiring suits, employee endangerment and office theft. Because of this, more and more employers are investigating applicants before making job offers. Although this may be a great improvement, many independent contractors who are only used for a short period of time still aren’t being looked into. These individuals may include those making repairs to the building or handling technical issues.

In New York, the State Attorney General’s office recently launched a new website that serves to allow consumers to run a small scale background check on home improvement contractors. This will help to ensure that individuals do not use a company that has a history of issues. Users will be able to see outstanding complaints lodged against the company and legal actions taken against the firm in question.

Although this website may not give all the information that could be out their on individuals employed by the firms in question and is limited to one industry, it is a step in the right direction. Employers can save themselves a lot of time and money by making sure that they do not hire contracts to make repairs on their offices that do not have a professional history.

“My great hope for this site is this helps prevent a lot of problems. That this helps consumers to understand more about when they enter into the contracting process that they have to take reasonable steps to protect themselves. But they also want to check out thoroughly the background of the people that they're hiring,” said Chuck Bell, who is the director of the Consumers Union Program.

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