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Monday, September 15, 2008

Atlanta Based Recruiting Software Provider Chosen by Company in Kenya

Atlanta based recruiting software solutions provider CVTracer is now receiving attention from overseas and multinational corporations, according to a recent press release. This extra notice has attracted the companies first client in Africa, which is Personnel Resource of Nairobi Kenya.

CVTracer Software already provides companies throughout the world solutions for their
recruiting problems and allows them to better manage their hiring efforts. Outside of America, some of the countries that utilize CVTracer’s services include clients in Salmiya, Kuwait; George Town, Cayman Islands; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and now Nairobi, Kenya.

CVTracer’s services are provided on an online, on-demand basis and used by both emerging and already established recruiting organizations of a variety of sizes. Aside from the regular applicant tracking system, the company also provides recruiting management programs for unite sales and sourcing efforts.

Due to problems with the amount of time it takes some of these remote locations to send information because of bandwidth issues, among other things, many of these global companies need both a powerful and lightweight recruiting software solution. These companies also need to be able to access that information rapidly and without difficultly.

Nairobi based Personnel Resource said that they looked into many different online recruitment systems before deciding on CVTracer. They made decision last month, saying that they determined that the HR software provider was capable of meeting all of their requirements and was able to provide the level of responsiveness they need.

“CVTracer is a robust recruiting application designed by recruiters for recruiters.” said CVTracer Software’s CTO Nick Kornweibel. “Its lightweight design and focus on responsiveness makes it a perfect choice for sites with bandwidth or latency issues.”

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