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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Healthcare Job Site Breaks Record

Although employers in many industries across the country have been decreasing the number of individuals they employee, healthcare jobs continue to plentiful. The economic uncertainty that has been the cause of such downsizing has yet to effect the medical field. The large number of jobs being posted online in this industry is further proof that employment in healthcare will continue to offer job security that is scarce in today's market.

Industry specific job search site HealthcareCrossing posted over 28,000 new positions in one week during the month of July. This record breaking number of job announcements happened despite several layoffs at various hospitals and medical centers in June.

Many of these layoffs were the result of internal problems and efforts to increase profits. Experts do not believe that they reflected greater issues in the industry, which remains relatively steady.

"The recession has hit the recruiters pretty hard in the first quarter," said HealthcareCrossing CEO A. Harrison Barnes. "But HealthcareCrossing has been seeing a record growth in the number of jobs, and is really doing a superb job."

As proof of the site's success Barnes cited the fact that approximately 217,000 active jobs are currently available on the website's database. This is a 256 percent increase from January when HealthcareCrossing had only 84,758 positions.

According to the number of positions being posted on the site the careers with the highest demand are:

  • Nursing Jobs (43,672 jobs)
  • Healthcare specialist jobs (6,097 jobs)
  • Surgery jobs (2,646 jobs)
  • Medical assistant jobs (2,327 jobs)
  • Mental health jobs (2,207 jobs)

One of the factors that makes HealthcareCrossing different from other job search sites is the fact that it weeds out spam and positions that are not industry specific. The company believes that this increases the efficiency of its users job search efforts.

Where as many job search sites only list positions that employers have paid to post, HealthcareCrossing tries to locate all healthcare job announcements listed on the Internet and offer them in one convenient location.

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