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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Review: Pointwing's Recruiting Software

Pointwing version 1.2, recently released by VCG, LLC, is one of the newest pieces of recruiting software on the market at the moment. According to a recent press release, this program was created for third-party recruiting and customer relationship management and features system customization and user interface personalization, account management, resume parsing, searching and two-way Microsoft Outlook integration.

VCG hopes that the newest version of Pointwing will help to improve recruiters’ success in finding the talent that is most suited for the companies utilizing the software. Although their maybe plenty of jobseekers on the market, locating the right talent can be a challenge, which the program hopes to make easier.

"Pointwing Front Office is a powerful tool to enable professional recruiting firms to achieve greater efficiency in their recruiting and sales processes and therefore profitability,” said President and CEO of VCG Steve Taylor. “With Pointwing's Microsoft .NET technology platform and service-oriented architecture (SOA) foundation, it is an incredibly flexible and scalable platform designed to meet their unique business process needs.”

The flexibility Taylor speaks of can be found in the multiple was this recruiting software can be personalized. The ultimate goal is to allow for a greater easy in handling tasks and data.

The two-way Microsoft Outlook integration of Pointwing’s Front Office has been geared toward improving communication between contact points. The feature is also expected to reduce the sales and candidate placement cycle time. This part of the program gives recruiters the ability to check out their tasks, calendar appointments, contact and emails from a variety of cell phones and PDAs. This allows users a little more freedom and allows them to keep up with work related issues even when not at the office.

Version 1.2 of Pointwing is in several different formats. VCG feels that this program will reduce the upfront cost for recruiting firms and give them a software option that is capable of growing with their business.

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