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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Las Vegas Has Jobs for Everyone

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the hottest job markets and they consistently boast the highest new job growth in the United States. They continually outrank all other cities for high-tech jobs and are ranked number one in this area. With the impressive number of high-tech services and jobs in the area, it’s a paradise for qualified candidates seeking employment in this sector.

Since the late 1990’s, Las Vegas jobs have increased by 350,000 people and that means new jobs in nearly every industry. As more people have moved into the area assuming jobs with high-tech services, they bring with them a need for food, entertainment, and housing.

This has driven the construction and service industries forward significantly. Jobs in the construction area abound and offer opportunities for employment to a wide range of skilled laborers. Housing, resorts, offices, and other construction needs fuel the need for even more new hires every day.

Over 39 million people visit Las Vegas every year and that means a lot of job listings in the entertainment and hotel industries. Great jobs with excellent salary and benefits are always important. But Las Vegas is also home to 12 companies which are recognized as having “outstanding employee environments” in 2008! Those companies, along with many more in the Vegas area, focus not only on salary and benefits, but they emphasize the importance of how people are treated in the workplace and how satisfied they are with their jobs.

Casinos, spas, law firms, credit unions, consulting firms, accounting firms, technology firms, banks, and geotechnical/environmental engineering firms are among those 12 cited as offering a great working environment. The local Chamber of Commerce supports and reinforces the importance of a healthy economic climate and positive work environment. They were also cited among the best places to work.

In Las Vegas, people come first! You might just find that it’s fun to go to work when you have find your place in a Las Vegas job!

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