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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Healthcare Recruting Software Options

With the nation experiencing a shortage in qualified medical workers, the popularity of healthcare recruitment agencies is growing. Although there are computer programs available for purchase that can be used by any company in the business of locating talent, healthcare-specific recruiting software is available and may be better geared toward dealing with the particular issues faced by the industry.

Texas-based General Life Care, Inc.’s Agency Staffing Assistant(ASA) is more than just a piece of recruitment software. This web-based medical staffing application also helps with scheduling, time management, and assists in taking inventory of the skills possessed by different applicants. In addition to these features, ASA also handles credential monitoring, payroll summaries, customer billing and maintains a variety of different documents needed for e-mail and on-line verification.

Created specifically for medical staffing agencies, General Life Care’s newest applicant tracking software is extremely flexible. This application can be used by any size businesses from a start-up to a multi-location agency. Designed to be flexible, ASA is customizable for all medical disciplines and can handle any specialization the user may have from nursing, physician, pharmacist, or dentistry recruitment. Smaller agencies will also find that this recruiting software also them to respond to their clients needs with the same efficiency as a large firm would provide.

One of the positive elements of ASA that many recruitment agencies will appreciate is the fact that there is no contract to sign. If the program does not meet a company’s expectations, then they are able to terminate use without losing money. Since there is no long-term commitment, agencies will find that this system works on a “pay for what you use” basis.

Although web-based, ASA is up and running 24 hours a day, enabling users to access information whenever they may require it. Because of this the program can continue to run while users are out of the office, whether for the day or an extended period of time. By simply remaining logged in and allowing the computer to continue to run, the user enables ASA to handle a variety of issues they would otherwise have be taken care of manually.

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