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Friday, July 18, 2008

ESL Teaching Jobs in NY

As the foreign-born population grows across the great state of New York, so does the high demand for teachers specializing in English as a second language (ESL). More than 25 percent of the residents of New York were born in another country and that means a lot of adults and children who need special training and education in English.

The demand for teachers who are able to teach English as a second language creates a major problem for non-English speaking immigrants. Not only are they unable to further their education, they are unable to find employment - and that includes difficulty finding New York jobs in every profession or industry. Unfortunately, it also means that many highly qualified, well-educated immigrants are unable to find employment in their given professions.

The influx of immigrants to New York creates a huge opportunity for teachers. Whether you are currently able to teach English as a second language or not, you can quickly gain the knowledge, skills, and education to become an ESL expert. The languages spoken most frequently in New York, other than English, include Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Bengali.

If you speak any of these languages, are able to teach English as a second language, and are looking for a challenging opportunity, then New York might just be the place for you. ESL teachers are in extremely high demand and pay scales are extremely competitive and climbing. It's a great chance to move into a job where you can make a significant difference in the lives of other people and ultimately in the economy and growth of our country.

Don't waste time wondering what to do next – contact the New York State Education System to find out how you can fill a position in this growing profession for New York jobs. It's an opportunity that benefits everyone.

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