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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Employers Struggling to Fill Healthcare Openings

With employers struggling to fill many jobs in healthcare, hiring temporary workers has become increasing popular. Because of this there has been a rise in what are called travel nurses, individuals that take assignments throughout the country. This enables facilities to continue to run smoothly and efficiently with a full staff until a more permanent employee can be found.

Recently it was announced that, a free service provided for Allied Healthcare Professionals, will be changing the way its users apply for jobs in healthcare that require travel. Prior to this users were required to apply to multiple companies separately. Now, members who are interested in positions with various Allied Healthcare Companies will be able to fill out only one online application and have it sent to numerous employers at once.

This improvement is expected to greatly decrease the amount of time it takes for users to apply for healthcare jobs. According to a press release, the demand for qualified healthcare professionals is so great that travel nurses are calling most of the shots when it comes to job opportunities. It is the websites goal to treat each user as the VIP that they are.

Unlike some sites, does not charge those who are already members to research information about companies that are hiring for jobs in healthcare. They also do not charge users for applying for various positions online.

In addition to providing information about available healthcare jobs, the website also has a large database of various important research material that is pertinent to travel nurses such as wage and benefit information, travel guides, and detailed contact information for individual state license boards.

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