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Monday, February 25, 2008

Background Check Companies

In order to avoid many workplace problem a large portion of employers are now conduction background checks applicants. Although this may lower the likelihood of negligent hiring suits and other such issues, many would-be employees are made nervous by the idea of undergoing a background check. One of the biggest concerns is that information that is inaccurate will be placed in the hands of an employer and influence recruiting decisions.

In order to avoid missing a job opportunity due to such an accident, many sources consider it a good idea to perform a background check on one's self. Doing so will give one ample time to correct any errors before a potential employer has a chance see them. Although it is possible to hire professionals to handle this process, anyone can access most of their own information, therefore making it unnecessary unless the applicant in question has a specific concern.

For starters, one can obtain a copy of their criminal record, often from the local court house or office of public records. The cost of a copy of this is relatively cheap and much less expensive than having a hiring manager decide against extending a job offer. Viewing a copy of one's criminal record is extremely important for anyone who has ever had a run in with the law, no matter how small. In most cases, an employer is unable to see charges that are older than seven years.

Since many employers now include credit reports in their pre-employment background checks, it is important to get a copy of these documents. As long as one has not done this previously in the year, getting a copy of one's credit report is free. Remember to get a statement from the three credit reporting agencies in the country; Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. In some circumstances the information will differ due to the fact that some organizations only give their information to one of these. Therefore, one’s credit score could be solid with Equifax but not so with Trans Union. Since there is no telling which will be used in a pre-employment background check, it's better to be aware of all the information out there.

For those who are applying for jobs that will involve driving a company vehicle, getting a copy of their driving records from the DMV is necessary. This can also be used to verify one's official address.

Although conducting one's own background check may take some time and a little driving around town, it's worth it. With employer's becoming more cautious in their hiring decisions and identity theft causing credit problems for many unsuspecting individuals, the old cliche has never been more true: Better safe than sorry - and jobless.

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