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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Your resume on Facebook

Facebook offers a couple of ways to integrate your resume or LinkedIn summary into your profile. Pretty good idea since more and more recruiters are sourcing candidates on FB.

My Resume is a Facebook application that lets you post your Linkedin profile or your resume on Facebook. You can use this tool to request resumes from your Facebook friends.

Professional Profile also allows you to upload a word doc or LinkedIn profile.

Just visit the Applications section and do a keyword search on 'resumes'.


Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog and I am very interested. What are your thoughts on JobFox? I think the move from Monster and Hotjobs to social networking sites is just around the corner as soon as someone does it right. Just like Toyota took over the number two spot over Ford., or one of the other newer sites will take-over. I agree that there are the market is over saturated and there are way too many sites, too many to list, but the best (or most useful) will rise to the top. What do you think it takes to be a successful site.

C.M Russell said...

Social networking sites will become increasingly imporatnt to emplers over the next few years as companies try to connect with the next generation workforce. Sites like Jobfox have a tough hill to climb. Running a national job board in the shadow of the big 3 boards is a tough challenge.

Samara said...

This is a great idea. Too bad myspace doesn't do the same, but with the content myspace has I don't think this feature would mix too well huh?

Honestly, I really disagree with the idea of employers looking at your online profile to decide to hire you or not. What you do in your personal life is exactly that: PERSONAL.

Just like they tell us to leave "personal" issues at home when we come to work, they shouldn't make judgment calls on our online profiles.

William said...

If you believe potential employers are not using MySpace and Facebook to screen out candidates, you would be sadly mistaken. In fact, more and more HR reps are doing exactly that. For higher paying jobs, your personal life is indeed important when measuring up a candidate. Let this be a warning: Do not post anything on the web that could come back to hurt you.