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Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday fun with the 2008 Sick Day Calendar

Our friends at Jobacle have released their 2nd annual Sick Day Calendar. Available as a free PDF download, the 2008 calendar highlights days that have "optimal sick day potential."

"With close to 600 million vacation days lost by American workers each year, it's quite likely that the number of wasted sick days is even greater," says Andrew G.R., creator of the calendar and the founder of Jobacle. "We hope you don't need your sick days when you're really sick. However, with some proper planning you can get the most out of a flawed system."

Among the calendar's official sick days:

* Leap Year. An extra work...without extra pay? Hell no! You need to call in sick on Friday, February 29 and do something out of the ordinary with the three-day weekend.

* With a little planning, Valentine's Day and President's Day can be connected for a mini six-day festivus.

* If you only take one fake sick day this year, make it the day after Thanksgiving. If you employer is too cheap to give it for free, you need to overeat and cry fowl.

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