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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jobs in Houston

Houston, Texas is not only one of the largest and most exciting cities in the United States, it also offers a huge opportunity for job seekers in almost every area of industry, commerce, and business. Since residents pay no state or local income taxes, the cost of living is lower in Houston than in most major U.S. cities. This makes housing affordable for most residents and this is one of the main reasons it attracts young people to Houston jobs.

The Texas Workforce Commission projects that the service industry will be one of the fastest growing sectors throughout the first decade of the century. Professional and related occupations will most likely experience significant growth of about 28% and service occupations are expected to grow by 24%. Overall, there is an expected increase of about 22% in the labor force in Houston.

Construction jobs are a significant draw for males with about 18% of male employees in this service industry. Following closely behind are professional, scientific, and technical services. The next highest growth sectors are focused on food services, hotels/accommodations, administrative, support and entry level jobs, and waste management services.

Females tend to have the highest number of employees in the fields of healthcare, educational services, and food services/accommodations collectively with about 36% of the female population. Following closely are professional, scientific, and technical services at about 7% of the female employed population.

One of the fastest growing sections for business growth for jobs in Houston over the past 10 years has been computer systems design, architectural and engineering, arts, entertainment, and recreation. Also included in fast-growing sectors are employment services, education, and health care. With the projected growth in Houston, these jobs continue to grow and offer new and advancement opportunities for qualified individuals.

Finding a job in Houston may be easier than in many similar sized metropolitan areas due to its rapid growth projections. Houston supports the continued training and education of employees through the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). This organization provides workforce development assistance throughout the state.

In addition, the Houston Community College System (HCC) is a leading provider of educational services and training programs for ongoing business development. Training programs can be customized and delivered onsite and the HCC oversees 67 degree and certificate programs, including accounting, biotechnology, technology, and computer science.

The growth in service and professional industries in Houston, combined with the city’s commitment to ongoing training and education for employees, make it easy to see why Houston is an ideal place to work and live. The business climate, lower cost of living, and affordable housing make it a win-win situation.

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