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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Entry Level HR Jobs

Breaking into a new field of work or looking for an entry level job after graduating from college can be a challenge. But if you know where and how to get started, it's much easier to gain the experience you need to quickly move up the corporate ladder. Human resource positions are no exception and entry level jobs are key to future success.

Human resources professionals must be able to communicate clearly and professionally with individuals at all levels of an organization. They must interact well and protect the confidentiality and privacy of the people they work with. It is just as critical to maintain the confidentiality of the position at an entry level as it is at the executive level.

The growth of human resource jobs looks good over the next 10 years. Entry level positions are currently in high demand as more job seekers have turned to the internet for posting resumes and other documents. Entry level positions for human resource assistants require computer skills and the ability to navigate through various search engines to locate the best and most qualified resumes.

Human resource support staff is responsible for maintaining employee records, typically through the use of computerized programs. Not only do they maintain general information such as name, address, title, earnings, and other information, they are also responsible for managing supervisory reports related to attendance records, payroll, performance management, and other management reports.

Entry level positions offer the opportunity for individuals to conduct the employment pre-screening process and participate in the hiring process. They may be asked to administer aptitude, personality, or skills based testing. They are often responsible for coordinating drug testing and other pre-employment testing, as well as contacting references to confirm validity of information provided by applicants.

Often, Human Resource Clerks, Assistants, or other entry level employees are given responsibility for notifying applicants when they are hired or rejected for specific positions. Their job includes processing new hires and coordinating the orientation process.

As security measures have become much more prevalent and critical in our business world, entry level human resources jobs are often charged with managing the process of assigning security badges, updating computer files and records to ensure access only to appropriate information and data for new hires, and conducting criminal background checks if required for the industry.

As you gain experience in human resources support, additional duties will be added which include creating and analyzing reports such as turnover reports, benefits reporting, and other employee related analyses. Increasing job responsibilities as you become an experienced HR Generalist will include management of the human resources policies, procedures, and programs.

Positions in human resources are particularly rewarding since you are providing support, guidance, and direction to the workforce. Taking on more responsibility for organizational development, performance management, policy development, and compensation and benefits administration will give you the chance to create a positive work environment.

Your ultimate goal as a human resources professional is to create a culture that encourages and supports empowerment, high productivity and quality, and development of an outstanding workforce. Regardless of your level within the organization, the role you play is extremely valuable to your company's management team.

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