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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Veteran recruiter starts

Recruiters have a lot of experience in prepping their candidates for the interview. One recruiter decided to put that information online. The result is NextJob101.

It's not free (30 bucks for 3 months) but the video tutorials look pretty good. You also get access to the blog and forum. I'm not sure how many job seekers are going to fork over the cash for this but the site looks to be very well done and appears to offer value for the job hunter or career professional.

3 comments: said...

Hey, Chris...thanks for the coverage of! Veteran though? I like to think of myself as contemporary. Expert, maybe. But veteran?

Just poking a little fun at MYSELF! Were you able to try to actual lesson, Chris? Delete Comment

C.M Russell said...

Well you do have 21 years in the biz according to your video. You are both veteran and visionary! Good luck with the new site. said...

You're fast on the draw there...yes I do...and it was traumatic passing that over 20 years experience in one thing a few years ago!

I'll look for opportunities within this community where all those years might be helpful beyond, too!