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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Job hunting with a tugboat

Yet another new job board has joined the fray. This time its called They aim to be different in that job seekers post jobs instead of companies. Yes, job seekers tell what kind of jobs they want, and let companies find them. They also allow users to enter jobs from their current employers.Will it fly? As with all these new job sites we won't know for a long time. Perhaps they can carve out a small niche. It's definitely different. I've often thought about launching a "jobs wanted" service myself.

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Jared said...

It is an interesting concept, and I do generally like innovative ideas. As a former employer looking through pre-collected resumes can save time during the hiring process. However, this idea is a little different from browsing a resume database, and I really cannot see any advantage. Practically speaking, I am not going to spend time looking through what amounts to job wish lists in the off chance I find someone that is a good fit for a position I have available. I DEFINITLY am not going to spend any time browsing jobs posted by jobseekers when I don’t have a position available, and then think to myself I must have this person so I better create a job that fits their desires.

Additionally, I am not sure how I feel about people telling me what kind of job THEY want, as if it’s like ordering a hamburger. Jobseekers may be better off using a good job search engine, and actually applying for jobs they think they are a good fit for.