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Friday, November 09, 2007

Bad jobs

Marketwatch has a lengthy article about the ups and downs of 'bad jobs'. You can read it here but here's the list:

Occupations with the highest concentrations of bad jobs
  1. Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop -- 87.0% bad jobs
  2. Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop -- 87.0%
  3. Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers -- 85.4%
  4. Fabric and apparel patternmakers -- 82.2%
  5. Lifeguards and other protective-service workers -- 81.6%
  6. Waiters and waitresses -- 80.4%
  7. Tour and travel guides -- 79.4%
  8. Models, demonstrators, and product promoters -- 79.2%
  9. Dishwashers -- 78.8%
  10. Motion picture projectionists -- 78.1% End of Story

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Anonymous said...

Another bad job: Leasing Consultants for apartment complexes.
You will get paid very little, and all you get are complaints from residents, contractors,management etc.
It's so stressful. The first of the month is a nightmare!
If it's your last resort, don't do it! I have been seeking employment elsewhere due to all this.

Anonymous said...

I had the ultimate bad job. Bass Pro Shops. They are the "Leaders in wildlife managment and conservation." What people don't know, is what goes on behind closed doors. I worked in the warehouse in Springfield MO, which is where thier home office is located.
There are producion rates that need to be met. Normally, they are within reason and can be met. Every Spring and Fall they go up so high that olnly about 10% of the people can make them. The few that do, lie about thier times or get the good orders. People will get written up which means they will not get a raise. If they still can't get thier rates up they get fired. At least 2-5 people a week will get fired do to rates. There were four people that was in the packing department that had gotten injured on the job. Three did not get a raise. The reasnon was body language. The other lady car pulls with the sup. Two of them had gotten fired after the doc had released them without being able to do anything else for them. They were going to work daily. Doing everything that was asked of them. One (me) was fine after, but was fired do to bring 2 AA batteries into the warehouse to be recylcled. Wait didn't I say they are the "leaders in conservation"? Yep sure did! One lady had perfect rates, accuracy, and good attendace. She didn't get a raise, because her mind was not on the job. Her husband is dying of cancer!
So as the last person had said. Use them as your last resort only.