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Monday, October 15, 2007

Pre-Employment Background Check

The essence of human resources and those professionals working towards the success of any business in an organizational setting is based in sound hiring practices, and the hiring of legal, and qualified candidates that will further the overall goal of a company’s success. This is something everyone agrees. Yet, because most are working with tired and worn out means of tracking the mound of paperwork on new and potential hires, many fail to do the all important pre-employment background screening which is essential to ensuring that the new hire is problem free once on the job.

First things first, due to new demands on employers, a solid applicant tracking system is necessary to success. Second, proper screening is essential to maintain legal status of all working in your organization. With the United States federal government now intent on not hiring those unfit (legally) to hold a position of employment, seem to be constantly slipping thru the organizational cracks and obtaining jobs despite everyone’s best effort.

This situation has now become a matter of federal law and can cause a company or organizational millions of dollars defending themselves in a court of law for failure to prevent illegal immigrant employment in their respective company. Therefore, it is highly advisable your organization adopt some solid policies in respect to background checks. Not only must you be FCRA compliant, drug-free, and in a perfect world criminal-element free, it is a matter of safety that no one psychologically unfit for working with others gets hired.

There are more reasons than just these listed to institute such policies and they can be seen in newspapers around the globe. Our world has grown increasingly dangerous and many people rely on their employers to ensure their safety on the job. This safety begins with background checks and screening so that those unfit can be weeded out before they are hired. After all, it is much easier to rid your company of an unsavory or unfit character before they are hired. Once hired, other situations and requirements by law make it difficult to fire them for any practical reason.

You will be required to show cause and perhaps even defend such cause in a court of law if the former employee challenges the firing. Of course as a human resource professional, you know the situation rather well and are suggesting such policies be instituted as a matter of professional policy for everyone. There are a number of good companies online with accurate and up-to-date databases for you to acquire the information you need to make a sound hiring decision. Be sure to use the pre-employment background screening and employment background checks, initially or you may suffer the consequences afterwards for failing to conduct this all-important screening.

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